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Summertime 2016 NAIL ART Tutorials – https://youtu.be/jhe3kIn0pv8
WILLPOWER | How To Be More Motivated – https://youtu.be/DjGL47xKjfs
Help with Split Ends | DIY Masks & Tips – https://youtu.be/XYNe5-Quo8g
Hacks To Get Through The Day – https://youtu.be/ZoLKYEEHTpM
☯ How To Find BALANCE in Life – https://youtu.be/1l9W1Y–Na8
How To LOVE Yourself – https://youtu.be/-6izLi_OH7U

With Love Always ♥︎

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I’m a Romanian-American living in California and love making YouTube videos that help improve our everyday life.

If you’re interested in videos about self-development, improving relationships, the career, or if you’re interested in skincare and makeup tutorials, you’ll find a little bit of everything to make this life even more strong and beautiful from the inside-out.

Q&As from comments:

Q: What cameras do you use?
A: I mostly film with a Canon T6i. Makeup tutorials & vlogs are shot with Sony A5100 and I vlog with Sony and my iPhone 6S Plus.

Q: What do you edit with?
A: Final cut pro x but I prefer to cut in iMovie bc it’s easier.

Q: How old are you?
A: I’m 31. But if I forget to edit this after every birthday, just know I was born in ’84.

Q: How do you know so much about everything?
A: Most of my videos draw from past experiences. I’ve gone through a divorce, a bankruptcy, I immigrated to the US on my own. I’m prone to depression, anxiety and I have ADHD. Being happy takes work for me and I learned different things that work. Looking back to the times I asked “Why?” now I know I was prepping to do THIS.

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DISCLAIMER: This video, including its content, title and description, is a reflection of my personal opinion. My opinion as well as any and all information provided by users, is for entertainment purposes only and not intended to replace any licensed professional advice. This content is provided with no warranties or guarantees.

If you have specific concerns or a situation that requires professional or medical advice, please consult with an appropriately trained and qualified specialist. I love you for watching!

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