Bored? Then this is the hobbies video for you! Some tools I use in my hobbies – My Ukulele: My Camera:

1 Learn an Instrument (Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Cello, Trumpet, and so many others to choose from!)
2 Photography
3 Plant parenting (Gardening)
4 Geocaching
5 Hiking
6 Writing
7 Sewing/Knitting/Crocheting
8 Cooking
9 Chess
10 Video games (This is my fav console )
11 Archery
12 Skydiving (My cousin just completed her 500th jump and has enjoyed every airborne moment!)
13 Cosplay
14 Collecting (Stamps, marbles, figurines, vintage soda cans, books)
15 Reading
16 Beekeeping
17 Snowboarding
18 Skiing
19 Rock Climbing
20 Cycling
21 Parkour
22 Pinterest DIYs
23 YouTube video creation
24 Sports (Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Football, ect. There are plenty of adult leagues out there, my dad plays softball on weekends!)
25 Volunteering (Animal Shelters, Soup Kitchens, Habitat for Humanity, ect.)
26 Learn a new language
27 Ice skating
28 Puzzles
29 Kayaking
30 Legos (they’re not just for kids)
31 Fingernail art
32 Painting
33 Martial Arts (Learn self defense and have fun! I’m currently learning Krav Maga:))
34 Bath bomb testing
35 Bird watching
36 Dungeons & Dragons (I adore this game)
37 Speed cubing (My fastest Rubix cube time is 1:24, can you beat me?)
38 Tasting (Pick a food type or beverage – wine, tea, coffee, french fries, all of the above – and become a connoisseur)
39 Gravestone rubbing (This is an actual thing, and it’s pretty cool!)
40 Tetris (One of my friends has the highest score in Tetris at his very competitive office.)
41 Yoga
42 Zumba
43 Dog Training (I did agility with one of my dogs for a few years and loved it!)
44 Swimming
45 Camping
46 Dumpster diving(May be looked down upon in some places, but is still pretty interesting)
47 Paintball
48 Boomerangs
49 Card games (one of my faves )
50 Board games (one of my faves )
51 Thrifting
52 Magic (Card tricks, rabbits out of hats, the whole shebang)
53 Model building
54 Calligraphy
55 Coding (Both a great hobby, and a way to earn extra cash if you get pretty good at it!)
56 Travel
57 Running
58 Bonsai Tree Shaping
59 Music Production
60 Dance
61 Poetry
62 Blogging
63 Tweeting
64 Instagramming
65 Researching (Compile a list of all the things you’d like to learn about and get to it!)

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Looking for a fun adventure for your last days of summer? Or maybe you just need a new hobby to get the brain juices flowing, either way, look no futher than this carefully curated list of 65 wowee hobbies to try today!

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