For people of any age, one of the most thrilling part of woodworking is the jobs. What if you have an extremely young beginner? Beginning with String Thing! This is a very easy string art job with a huge “wow” element and also it’s an excellent way to obtain children comfy with woodworking skills such as gauging and also using a hammer as well as nails.


Children can make use of any sort of string for this string art project– kitchen string, mason’s line, embroidery thread, yarn, or whatever you have in your house. Smaller sized fingers could find it easiest to make use of yarn in the beginning, given that it’s very easy to cover and connect. Various colored yarn provides the impression of different-colored string without the job of linking each shade separately.


First, Practice Starting a Toenail

lady holding a nail in position on a board, preparing to hammer


Grasp the handle of your hammer with your dominant hand– that’s the hand you create with. You may want to “choke up” (hold the hammer near its head) when starting a nail since it will certainly provide you better control of your hammer.


Get a nail with your free hand, holding the nail shaft in between your thumb and forefinger. Establish the nail factor on your board. Keeping the nail straight, tap gently on the head of the nail a few times with the face of your hammer. Tap up until the nail sticks into the timber and also stands by itself.


Drawing a Nail

If a nail is bent or in the wrong area, you can make use of the claw on your hammer to draw it out.


Hold the hammer inverted as well as move the claw below the head of the nail. Draw back on the take care of so the claw raises, pulling the nail with it.


Make a String Point

Make vibrant art work as you practice using a hammer! Begin with a basic layout that offers you a lot of room to hammer and also to repair any type of errors. As you acquire confidence, try utilizing smaller nails and tighter spacing to create your very own string art work of art. You can also use cut-out photos or hand-drawn images as a nailing overview.


What Do You Need?


Safety glasses




1 × board, of any dimension or form

Blue low-tack or masking tape

1 1/4- inch typical nails or coating nails



Establish Your Pattern

Step 1. Set the pattern you will certainly adhere to on your board.


If you are planning to focus your string art on the board, start by marking the center of the board, using this easy trick:


Utilize a leader to draw a line diagonally across the board from one corner to the opposing corner. (If your board is longer than your ruler, use a straight piece of lumber.).

Repeat with the other two corners. Where the lines cross is the center.

rectangular board with 2 pencil lines intersecting between.


Step 2. Mark the points on the pattern where you’ll put nails. You can utilize a pencil to mark the points. If your pattern is a picture you’ve taped onto your board, note the factors on the photo, and then utilize a hammer to carefully tap a nail with the paper and into the board at each point, as shown below:.


Maintaining the very least 1 1/2 inches between nails will certainly make the hammering and also stringing less complicated. Spacing them much more closely together is more tough but permits more complex stringing patterns.


If you’re collaborating with a circle or other balanced shape, you might want the nails to be spaced just as along the lines you have actually noted. If you’re working with an uneven shape, see to it you put a nail anywhere the instructions modifications, like edges.


Hammer the Nails.


Action 1. Embed a 1 1/4- inch nail at each of the significant points. Each nail should stand regarding 3/4 inch to 1 inch above the board. Usual nails are less complicated for novices to hammer and also simpler to string. End up nails work much better for more complex designs with tighter spacing.


Action 2. Check out your board from the side to inspect the nails. Each nail needs to be straight and also the exact same elevation as the others. Take care of any nails that are as well high or crooked.


String It!


Tie one end of the string around a nail as well as start stringing. Outline photos with string prior to you service the interior. See what you get! If you do not like it, you can constantly take a break and start over.

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