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These striking loop hoops are a pleasant method to customize any look and the ideal undertaking when you’re longing for a fast and fulfilling make action. 


On the off chance that you are now acquainted with sew, these studs are fast undertaking that yields astonishing outcomes — string knit over bought 2-inch loops. You can make a couple for each shading in your closet. 


photograph of lady in profile with knitted circle hoop in one ear 


Photograph © Keller + Keller Photography, excerpted from Story’s Curious Compendium of Practical and Obscure Skills 




Cotton stitch string size 10 


Knit HOOK 


Steel US 6 (1.6 mm) or the size you have to acquire the right check 


Theme GAUGE 


1¾” in breadth prior to joining to circle 


Different SUPPLIES 


2″ loop hoops (a front pivot works best) 


Weaving needle 


Example Essentials 


Puff st (Yo, embed guide into showed ch-1 space, yo, get circle through to front of work) multiple times, yo and get through everything except 1 circle on snare, yo and get through excess 2 circles on snare. Note: If you experience difficulty getting through the puff lines, make your yarn overs looser by holding your snare somewhat farther away from the work. 


Working into the rear of the chain: 


With the WS of the chain confronting, embed guide into the knocks on the rear of the chain. Note: The RS of the chain is a progression of even Vs. 


knit hoops design outline 


Example diagram by Karen Manthey, plan by Brenda K. Anderson, excerpted from Story’s Curious Compendium of Practical and Obscure Skills 


Knitting THE MOTIF 


Column 1 (WS): Ch 16; working into the rear of the ch, hdc in the third ch from snare (initial 2 ch sts consider first hdc), hdc in each ch over, turn. You currently have 15 sts. 


Column 2 (RS): Ch 5, skirt initial 7 hdc, (tr, ch 5, tr) in next hdc, ch 5, avoid next 6 hdc, slip st into top of ch-2 at end of line, turn. 


Line 3 (WS): Ch 4, skip ch-5 space, dc in next tr, ch 1, (dc into next ch, ch 1) five times, dc in next tr, ch 4, slip st in ch st at end of line, turn. 


Line 4 (RS): Ch 4, skip (ch-space, dc), (puff st in next space, picot-4) six times, ch 4, slip st ch st at end of line. Try not to affix off. 




Spot the theme inside the circle with the working yarn returning out from the of the loop. Sc around band and theme to consolidate them as follows: With RS of theme confronting, work 3 sc sts into the side of the theme pursuing the highest point of the circle; work 15 sc sts around loop, finishing at the highest point of the hoop; secure off. 


Beginning at top (on opposite side of pivoted post), work 15 sc sts around band. Presently make 3 sc sts into the opposite side of theme, work 10 sc around circle, sc in next picot, (work 5 sc around band, sc into next picot) multiple times, work 10 sc around loop, slip st to first sc around band to join. Affix off. Weave in the closures.


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