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With this very easy material printing project, you can develop your very own patterns as well as make your mark on T-shirts, pillow cases, or cloth of any type of kind!

a set of t-shirts as well as a container top featuring hand-printed paint layouts

Image © Andrew Greto Digital photography, excerpted from Art Stimulates


Have you ever before tried textile printing? You can print on just about any type of kind of textile. Try making something new for your house or decorate a Tees that you can put on.


What You’ll Need

Scrap paper or newspaper

Styrofoam trays *.


Covering up tape.

Acrylic paint or fabric paint in diverse shades as well as paintbrushes, 1 for every paint shade.

Paper plates, 1 for every paint shade.

Large piece of ordinary material, such as a pillow case or a Tee shirts.

* FYI Sometimes vegetables and meat at the food store can be found in Styrofoam trays. If you want to recycle a tray that held meat, clean it thoroughly with soap and warm water prior to using it in this job.



If you intend to clean your printed textile many times, utilize material paint. You can discover textile paint at an art supply or craft shop, and also comply with the bottle guidelines for exactly how to utilize as well as wash the paint.


styrofoam intermediaries for textile printing.

Image © Andrew Greto Digital photography, excerpted from Art Sparks.


Step 1. Cover your work room with scrap paper. Cut some easy forms from a Styrofoam tray. Tape and pinch pieces of masking tape to make little manages on the backs of each shape. Squares, rectangular shapes, ovals, as well as zigzags are good shapes to make.


use paint to styrofoam forms to make prints on textile.

Image © Andrew Greto Digital photography, excerpted from Art Sparks.


Action 2. Lay your textile out level. Pour a small amount of each paint shade onto a different paper plate. Holding your forms by their takes care of, comb them with paint as well as stamp them onto the fabric. You can publish random styles or make a pattern. Let your material completely dry prior to moving it.

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