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Many people around the world right now are doing their part and employing safe social distancing and staying at home whenever possible. However, just because you are practicing social distancing, doesn’t mean that you can’t also practice some new skills in your downtime and become a little more accomplished.

So here are five skills that you could and should learn during lockdown. The ability to open a bottle with anything you find around you is that hyper, useful skill. I always forget my bottle opener when I go camping and I got really really good at opening bottles with pretty much anything I mean a spoon is really really easy.

It comes off straight away. I even learned how to use a pen like a Sharpie or something like that. Let’s, see if I can get this off really easy and I ‘ Ve never tried this, but perhaps padlock let’s, see yeah easy as that.

Eventually I got so good at the skill that I was able to open a bottle with nothing more than a single piece of a4 paper. It’s, really easy to learn. Let me show you how it ‘ S done. I ‘ Ve showed this skill on the channel before, and it really is just as simple as folding the paper up to make it a little bit more structurally sound and then using it as a leaver, as you would any other tool.

So I like to make it quite long like this and then fold it so it’s about one inch wide like that, and then try and fold it in on itself one more time, but really it doesn’t, really matter how You fold it something like that and then fold this in half and basically you can just use this as your livre.

So if you grab the ball like this and stick this between the knuckle and the ball cup, it should just come off like that easy. As that, this takes about two minutes to learn, and people are always really impressed with a skill.

So there you go next track stands are, in my opinion, an indispensable skill for any cyclist. It’s, essentially the ability to come to a dead, stop without putting your feet on the ground. Very useful for red lights or junctions track stands are really important in traffic or in urban areas, especially if you are using Clippy pedals and you can stay clipped in and get moving again much quicker than.

If you put your feet down, they hugely improve your balance and confidence on the bike at very low speeds and are even useful in mountain biking, on very technical sections. Where you’re, almost a complete stop track stands, are really easy to learn to make it easier, use the front brake and apply a little pressure on the pedals, whilst turning the bars to one side then use your knees to balance from here.

Even five seconds is enough to check traffic at junctions or determine your line on the trail useful and simple [ Music ]. Okay, here is a boring one, but one that will change your life. Microsoft Excel.

I hear you say, but you know what nerds get promotions during my time at Universe, a working as an engineer and as a tutor, I constantly watch people make their life miserable by refusing to learn a little bit of Microsoft, Excel a tiny bit of Excel knowledge And people in your office think you’re.

A freaking wizard Excel doesn’t have to just be numbers: either. Matt Parker made each cell in a spreadsheet a pixel and created an image and Dylan Tallchief made a fully-functioning drum machine in Excel.

You can automate your work, stop punching in numbers to a calculator and get organized, and all you need, I think, is about two hours of learning and there are thousands of good tutorials online, at least learn how to use formulas.

They’re. Very very simple: to learn! I’ll, make your life a lot easier and if you can try and learn a little bit of macros, that’s coding in Excel to control. What’s going on behind the scenes? If there’s, one thing to try and learn and self-quarantine make excel trust me.

It will improve your life right. Let’s, move on to something a bit more useless. Did you know that you can make a very convincing engine sound with just a can: [ Music ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ] Kim, absolutely hates? When I do this because it really is really loud, but some people like it.

This is, without a doubt, the most editing skill that I know how to do, but it does tend to make people smile and right now I don’t think that’s, necessarily a bad thing, and what you do is you bend? The con about near the top like this and you want to flatten it out but maintain the ocular portion on the bottom here.

So this is the shape that you want to make this kind of bent shape. What you want to do is produce a sound that makes the part where these two pieces of aluminium meet the section here you want to make them buns off each other vibrate off each other and that’s.

What creates that sort of metallic engine noise, so the sound you want to make is kind of like a Chewbacca sound like just put your mouth on the car. Make that no and kind of bend the card back and forward and told they’re.

Aluminium starch bugs know each other. You’re here, really clearly that’s. What’s changed pretty good straight away, and once you get good, you can go up and down like a real engine. This next part was shot outside and we filmed this before the UK government and I missed a mandatory lockdown and since then things have got a little more serious.

So, whilst I would encourage you to learn the snack skill, I would ask if you could please hold off on leaving the house unless it is absolutely necessary and tow your local authorities give you the green light to do so.

I hope you understand. I just thought I’d. Add listen, [, Music ] here is a really useful skill to learn. I learned this when I was 18 years old. I had a really crappy car at the time and it would not start first time, and that was because it had a crappy body.

So I learned how to bump start the car on my own as an without the help of anyone else and that’s, basically how I started my car for, like six months before I got a new one, so this only works. If you’ve got a manual car that’s, one that has a like a stick shift.

So sorry, all of America, so here’s. How to do this right? First of all, put the ignition on and handbrake off claw gear stick in neutral and you’re gonna want to push the car and then put it into second gear clutch down and then abruptly left the clutch up and the car should just Start if I’ve done this right.

So let’s, see how this goes. Okay, so I’m gonna push the car. I’m gonna try and get up to about five miles an hour. [, Music ], so once it’s at five miles an hour, I just want to jump in put the car in second gear and start and it’s slow, and it is a really useful skill.

If you have a manual car and you have a crappy battery so ignition on neutral five miles an hour by pushing and in second gear and bring the clutch up abruptly, that’s, how you do it so there we have it five skills that You should learn during lock them some fun and useless, and some with utility, if you haven’t already consider subscribing to the channel and if you do choose to learn some of the skills in this video, then please tweet me or tag me on Instagram, I’d love to see what you’re up to, in the meantime, stay safe.

I’ll catch you in the next video peace.


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