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There is always that one guy at school at parties at work, the guy that does it all right this dude he can change a flat tire with his eyes closed in 20 seconds. He can cook a Michelin star meal. He can play any sports.

We all know that one super talented guy and we all wish that we could be as cool as him. Well today’s. Video is about becoming that guy learning new hobbies that will make you look awesome that will make you be the cool, talented, attractive, dude and well.

If you want to be that guy, then here’s, a list of seven manly and attractive habits that you should look into and just real quick before I start we are running a big new year new you giveaway at port, a series we’re, giving away $ 100 gift card to H & amp M, so you could look amazing.

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We’re gonna pick the winner on January. 4Th alright, so good luck, guys, I’m gonna leave a link to the Forte giveaway in the description right below. Alright, let’s. Get into this the first attractive hobby, slash habit is playing an instrument.

There is nothing that melts more hearts than playing an instrument whether it’s, the piano, the guitar or your own voice, girls, who absolutely love the fact that you can do that. It is unfair. The advantage that you’re gonna have over other guys when you know how to play an instrument and they don’t it’s like you are at a completely different level.

There is no chance for the other guys, and also I mean let’s. Be real playing an instrument is awesome. Not only are you going to melt hearts, but you’re. Also gonna learn a new skill. You’re gonna play for friends at parties for your family during the holidays.

You’re gonna bond with new people who also share that hobby and it’s. Gon na help. You work on your creativity on your confidence and the list goes on now. The second thing on today’s. List is important, no matter where no matter your age and no matter who you’re, talking to remember their names and when you’re talking to them repeat their names.

Often, and no, I’m, not telling you guys to call your mom and your dad by their names all right. I’m talking about the people that you just met or the people that you want to get to know better. Instead of being like, hey, dude or hey bro like come on, call them by their names; instead, it’s.

So much more personal, I used to be horrible. I just have a hard time remembering people’s names, so I decided to try something new saying their names back to them as soon as they told me what it was.

So I meet Robert, let’s, say right and I say back to him nice to meet you Robert and then I try to use his name, try to say his name again a few times, naturally during our chat to make sure that I don’t forget.

This is also an easy way to make others few likes or important, because then we’ll notice. It right they’re gonna, be impressed and happy that you remembered their names, so say their names back to them.

Naturally, a few times and notice the difference instantly, they will instantly think wow. This guy is actually cool, and girls, of course, will immediately think that you’re more charming than other guys, because you’re, paying attention next up guys hit the gym, and when I say that I don’t mean It needs to be the gym.

I just mean it needs to be some type of physical activity less than one hour a day, guys that’s already a great start for you to start improving your health, your body, your overall mood, you know, make this one of your top priorities.

It is one of my top priorities every day and get it done early in the day, so you can plan for it instead of leaving it for later, because when you leave it for later in the day, things might come up, get it done early and you Guys know the benefit of being active right.

The number of rewards are actually insane. You’re gonna feel better. You’re gonna have more energy to be more productive. You’re gonna look better physically lean, muscular, more defined face and jaw.

This is a no-brainer start being more active today, because that is one of the easiest ways to reap just tons of other benefits, one of them being, of course more attractive. So forget the gym for a second and let’s have some fun number four is knowing how to make a good cocktail.

Making a good drink can come in super handy man, trust me lucky for me: I used to be a bartender when I was younger, so I got to learn a few drinks and I can impress some people nowadays, which is for fun, but you know you don’t have to learn a bunch of different drinks about learning your favorite drink, or you know your girlfriend’s, favorite, drink or whatever, so that you can just offer it to guests or friends when they come over it’S such a cool skill right it’s, an awesome feeling, seeing someone enjoy something that you made like a fresh cocktail.

Hey now hold on. I know I know a lot of you guys don’t drink and you know you’re, not old enough to drink some of you and that’s. Okay, if you don’t drink, then how about you learn how to you know fire up the grill or make a really cool meal? That is a great manly habit as well.

You know what else is a great feeling is getting a genuine compliment from someone which brings us to number five guys complimenting others and first things. First, look I don’t think you should go around making up compliments just to make others feel good.

You know that is that’s called being fake. We don’t want that. We want honesty. I’m talking about the times that you actually like someone’s sneakers, for example, and for whatever reason you don’t say anything: why not? Why not make that person feel good? You know I’m sure that you would love to get the same compliment one day about your sneakers.

I mean why don’t. We say something nice about a person when we have the perfect opportunity to do so. I always think about that, and I try to make compliments and talk to them as much as I can. You know.

Maybe it’s, their smile, their hair, the clothes or maybe you know you like their apartment. It’s very well. Decorated it’s, organized it’s clean or their school project that they just presented. They did a good job, say good job.

You know it’s, a great way to bond with people to break the ice. It tells them hey. I’m here. I’m friendly, let’s, be cool with each other. You know I’m, a good dude start doing that and notice how people they just light up.

You know their smiles come out. It’s, a great feeling, number six guys develop a skincare routine. Every guy should have a morning and nighttime skincare routine session. All right, yes, guys need it too.

Skin is skin. Our skin is no different than a girl’s skin. We need to take care of it. The same way all right. This is a great habit to start as soon as possible. Don’t wait for your skin to get really bad.

You know to get worse for you to try and fix it. Don’t fix it. Just try to do it now to prevent it. Not only you’re, going to look better for years to come, but immediately to right. Your skin is going to look nicer.

It’s, gonna be smooth clear from pimples, and it’s, because no one wants that next up guys, you need to keep your car clean. Alright, if a girl gets in your car for the first time – and you have McDonald’s like just a bag of McNuggets sitting there from a week ago and your car smells like a dump, then I have two words for you: man.

Good luck! All right dirty cars are such a turn-off, and if you’re picking someone it doesn’t even have to be a girl right. It could be a friend to be a family member. It could be a work colleague like.

Can you imagine, like you’re, trying to give your boss a ride one day and you’re, like oh man, I forgot that bag of food come on, make sure your car is organized and you know what don & #. 39 t even do it for other people.

I do it for yourself. Why would you want to be in a car that is messy and smelly anyway, you don’t want that right, guys make sure to enter the Forte Series giveaway. I’m gonna leave the link in the description below it’s, so easy it’s free.

Hopefully, you guys win and, of course, if you learn something new from today’s, video then hit the subscribe button below to become part of the YouTube family. I wanted to take a quick second and thank you guys so much for all the support.

This year, you guys have been amazing and I’m, so happy with how 2019 went and I cannot wait for 2020. So thank you guys. I hope you’re having an amazing holiday season and I will see you again very very soon.



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