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What’s up guys? Welcome to the video, I hope you were having a great day and I ‘ Ve got a pretty good video for here you all well, at least I think it’s. Gon na be a good video, I actually made it like two nights ago.

I had it all edited up and I was trying something new with my lighting trying to something cinematic and I didn’t think it was that high quality it’s. Sort of bugged me, so I’m remaking. It cuz I’m, trying to make the best video as possible for you all the highest quality that I can make, and maybe I’ve, just been listening.

A too much Grant Cardone I’ve, been listening. The 10x rule lately and basically the chapter I’m on right now – is just about dominating your market, and maybe I just thought that video wasn’t a dominating video there’s, just not the quality was off and Uh, it was, it was frustrating me so redoing it, but this is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately over the past year too, and that is the best hobbies for men.

I’ve sort of been using old timers as inspiration for this in some scenarios because yeah, I think we’ve lost our way as a society a little and if you ask a lot of people what their hobbies are they don’t even really know: hey most people’s.

Hobby is just sitting on the couch on their phone and that’s unacceptable, and that was me you know a year ago, but since then I’ve been trying to find new hobbies and of course I had a few that pretty Good hobbies, so I want to share this list with you all five of the best hobbies you can get into in 2020.

That will make you a better man, maybe so number one and my favorite is weightlifting. I’ve, been lifting weights about five years now give or take, and I’m, not lying. When I say it is life changing and maybe it could change your life so think for a second.

This was me before I started with lifting weights, and maybe you’re the same right now or maybe you were maybe you’re, not though, but before I started lifting weights, I was super insecure and and no confidence or self-esteem, and I couldn’t talk to people, I had no people, skills and yeah.

I was anxious every second. I was out in society just because I was so afraid of judgment and I felt like I had to look a certain way to be accepted, which is completely not true. So, first of all, before you start lifting weights just know this is completely false, but if you think this way, maybe lifting weights can change your life like it did mine.

I started lifting weights and I started, and I was about 130 pounds. I was skin and bones because I was so afraid what people thought that I would starve myself for weeks on end. I got to 135 pounds by doing hours of cardio only eating two new trains a day or some days it’s, not eating anything except for pickles cuz.

They have zero calories and just starving myself. Essentially, it was a terrible way to go, but once I actually started lifting weights, I sort of said screw what people think I’m doing my own thing. I started lifting weights and before too long I packed on 20 pounds of muscle, and I packed it on fast when you’re, a noob when you haven’t been lifting weights, you pack it on really fast, so I packed on 20, pounds of muscle in about 2 or 3 months, pre short amount of time, and I was unrecognizable to myself in the mirror and at first you know.

I think the first tendency for most people is probably to get a little cocky, and maybe there’s a little that there I’d strut around like a rooster in the farmyard. Is that it that’s, probably not saying, but it is now but uh after that I’ve fainted off a little.

You know, but then I was just left with confidence and a lot less anxiety and I could talk to people and I felt like a completely different person, and I felt like that ever since and I found a home which is the gym.

You know I’m, I believe at your core. You’ll, always be the same person, so there’s, always anxiety creeping through and there’s, always low self-esteem, trying to claw its way back out. But the gym and lifting weights keeps it in it, locks it in doesn’t.

Let it out so going for the gym is so much more than just trying to look better for the vanity of it. The effects you will get are just insane. So if you don’t lift weights, I am Telling You go sign up for membership today.

It could just change your life number two reading. This goes hand-in-hand with lifting weights lifting weights, although does have carryover to your mental health. Trains are muscles. You know train your muscles, they get stronger.

The hypertrophy reading hypertrophy is the brain and hypertrophy is the imagination. Now I’m, not gonna say word for word this study, but there is a study and it showed a direct correlation between how many books someone reads versus their wealth.

Now, of course, this is financial wealth. Not you know the wealth of your friends and family in terms of like relationships there’s, so many kinds of all this is financial wealth, but um I mean what are the reasons for this? If you think about it, the average millionaire or billionaire is reading four or five ten times the amount of books in a year as people in the middle class and poor class.

Now you could say they might possibly have more time in their hands because they’re rich, but I don’t think this is actually true. A lot of people come across all that they get all this money they get rich because their work ethic, and once they’re rich, they don’t stop working.

I just find new endeavors to work at so I don’t think that’s it. So I think the correlation is when you read your brain, you get smarter. Your imagination grows and you’re able to apply that to more aspects of life.

You’re gonna make more relationships. Cuz you’re gonna have more to relate to people about the more to talk. So you’re gonna build more relationships that will possibly result in more wealth. Your imagination is gonna grow.

What happens when your imagination brews? Well, I heard quote the other day. I remember where it’s from, but basically it said, the only limit to your success is your imagination. So reading increase your imagination as your imagination increases you’re gonna chase, bigger and better things.

Your success is no longer limited to that small imagination you once had, and third of course, you’re, just deigning knowledge that’s. The obvious one books are knowledge, so that’s, the third that’s.

The second hobby of reading okay number number three. This is not one that I’m, particularly good at at all, but it’s, something I’ve, been trying out a lot, and that is now. This involves carpentry construction, stuff of that nature.

The past five months, roughly, I was doing construction not anymore, and my car is pretty miserable a lot of the times, but it sparked this desire in me to learn how to do stuff myself to learn how to build stuff myself construct stuff myself.

Now I no longer just want to have my dream home built one day. I want to have a hand in actually building it working on some parallettes for the gym to do more calisthenics training. So it’s a great hobby because you’re, no longer dependent on people.

You’re, not gonna be spending as much money, hiring someone to come fix stuff. If you have the general knowledge to do yourself, plus you can get stuff done a lot cheaper now I could. I have these desks right, see this desk right here.

Well, there’s, another one right along this wall. This one’s. Ten foot down touching this was eight foot. I bought my desk from Target pre-made and it was an album. It’s, probably two feet wide or two feet long and maybe two feet wide.

Now it’s. Probably three foot by two foot that was $ 60. I have built a desk two desks in my room for $ 60 that measured ten foot, an eight foot so 18 feet of desk for the same amount as like a two, a three foot, long desk.

That’s, just an example now think of what you can do throughout the next few years. If you’re saving money like that building stuff yourself, hi Lana, it’s, a super fun hobby. So if you’re short on stuff this year, if you’re bored go, buy some basic tools.

You don’t have to go all out, you know got to spend five hundred dollars. Go pick up a little starter kit for a hundred bucks 60 bucks somewhere in there and start making stuff yourself. You’re gonna find it’s, much more rewarding to use things you’ve built, and it just makes you a more well-rounded person in general plus.

I have respect people who are able to fend for themselves and be able to build stuff. Okay number! Four. If I can remember what number four was, I had a list that I was reading off the other day when I made the previous video and I’ve forgotten what it was, and I’m, not using listen, our she’s going off memory: oh yeah, survival skills.

This is also a broad generalization that you could say goes hand in hand with doing yourself. If there’s ever a zombie apocalypse, you’re gonna do a lot by yourself, but uh. This is a wider term, so I get some lash back for this, but hunting.

You know if I have any like super animal rights. Like PETA, if they’re watching this don’t might be like yeah hunting but uh. I’m, not personally, like that. My ancestors had to do it. They were bad people.

We don ‘ T have to do it now, but who knows what do you may need in the future, and this is something I have no absolutely no experience with is hunting, but I’d like to in the future. I’d, like to learn how to go home.

You know, kill some deer, sorry dear, but I learned how to cook them learn how to preserve to me fishing. I have been fishing a few times, of course, but I’d like to learn how to go fishing and then make a fire out in the wilderness.

Along with like set up a campsite. I don’t how to fillet the fish and cut through the fire, but also like gardening one day in the future. I live in some apartments right now I can’t do any gardening, but in the future I’d like to have a plot of land that do some gardening food tastes better.

When you make it yourself, I know this firsthand when I was growing up. No, when I was growing up well yeah when I was growing up, but also now my papaw and Anna fat Paul’s, a farmer. My Nana helps him and together they are the most dynamic duo of all time, but uh growing up, I’d, go spend a week there every summer, and even in this day I go there at least once a month up in North Carolina.

If I Pat falls a farmer – and I can tell you there’s – nothing like waking up at 6:00 a.m. going down to the farm, picking your corn, taking a back up to the house, shucking it cleaning it and then making fresh, delicious cornbread out Of it it’s, the best cornbread you’ll ever have, and then even Matt with like the green beans, you picked also with other stuff.

So I can’t, wait to have my own garden one day, but I also can’t wait to develop some survival skills. Hunting gardening do-it-yourself aim. It’s, a great school to happen, especially as a man I shouldn’t say, especially as a man, especially as a human being, but uh.

This channel is directed towards men, so especially as a man, but also as a human being. In general number five, this is one that has taken me way too long to even get decent at, and that is cooking. You’d, think as a bodybuilder, it’s.

A powerlifter type dude that I’d, be a decent cook wrong. Most people aren’t, they cook their boring rice and their boring chicken and it comes out dry and bland and they hate it, but they love lifting so much that they just eat it anyways, but I have recently had a complete realization.

I got a airfryer for Christmas. I didn’t, my girlfriend did, but we look together, so I could use it and it has made cooking delicious food so easy and ever since then I’ve, gotten more into actually putting work into my food seasoning.

It right cooking, delicious meals, so I’ve, always had a few signature dishes burgers, occasionally here and there some good shrimp, scampi little things, but I’m trying to branch out my signature meals.

Now I’m cooking. Delicious steaks I figured out how to cook delicious chicken and a lot of people don’t realize they think that no good cook takes a lot of time. It really only takes an extra minute or two to season it properly and man.

When you start cooking good, not only will you enjoy it, but your spouse or your girlfriend or your future prospect. They will love you for it. It’s, a very impressive skill to have so take a few minutes.

Every day, figure out what you’re already eating, and just google search. How did make it better find a delicious recipe put some time into it. The rice, spices seasonings make your food more delicious and yeah.

That’s. I can’t, wait to be the next Gordon Ramsay, not really the next warden Ramsay, but it’s. Time take cooking to another level in 2020, then down the road I can’t wait in the future. You know I’m 23 right now can’t wait to be like 40.

All my friends come over on Sundays. We’re watching football. I’m barbecuing like chicken and steaks on the grill. We’re, all cooking up some delicious stuff drinking some beers with the friends and it’s.

Gon na be great so that wraps up the video guys, thank you for watching just something up start lifting some weights start doing stuff yourself. Some survival skills are always good start reading more and learn to cook.

These are some five great hobbies anything up in 2020 and some of these I’m Marty. These are net and others. I need to actually get good at so I hope you enjoyed the video if you did make sure to leave a like and comment.

If you have any other hobbies that you think men should learn in 2020. I definitely have a lot of others in my mind that I’ll put to a future video. These are just the first five, so this is by no means a comprehensive list.

Alright, I will see you in the next video housing Alexander over now.


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