Month: November 2020

Whether rock climbing or crosswords, hobbies can encourage or discourage a believer’s relationship with God. Read or listen to this interview at our website: Find other recent and popular Ask Pastor John episodes: visit
Are you interested in perfecting your swing? Do you know what a handicap means in Golf? If your answer to both these questions is an emphatic yes, it is time you got yourself some good quality golf equipment. Every golf enthusiast wants to shop for the best golf equipment he can buy. After all, top
I love to play cards for money, especially games such as poker and bragg. In fact I have to admit that I love to gamble on many things such as betting on the outcome of football matches and on the outcome of horse races. My father used to take me to horse racing when I
Many digital cameras offer both digital and optical zoom. These two often confuse the average camera buyer, until you know what you’re looking at. Optical zoom works much like the zoom lens on a 35 mm film camera. It changes the length of your camera’s lens and draws the subject closer to you. The optical
Stamp collecting is a popular and rewarding hobby. If you are just starting out and would like to know where to start, here are some helpful tips. It is said that the first rule of stamp collecting is to find a particular type of stamp you think you would like to collect and to take
For many people, dolls are not just playthings for girls. They are items of beauty and historical value, and they are often indicators of the mores of the times when they were made. Any doll can become a collectible doll, whether it is a French bisque doll, a china doll, a cloth doll, a vintage
Family lineage is one of the most interesting topics for anyone to discuss because it is unique to each family. Finding everything from royalty to heroes in family lineage is exciting. Having a personal record of family lineage is a great treasure. Recently, the Latter-day Saint church provided Larry King with a copy of his
Buy quality! Buy quality! Buy quality! That’s all you hears these days when you are considering rare coins as an investment. First, are you really buying coins as an investment, or merely for the pleasure of owning a piece of history? That is sometimes the real dilemma for many collectors, or is it investors? Everybody
Jacob Schiess started the first commercial embroidery manufacturing establishment in 1848 in New York. He came from Switzerland and within a year had his own embroidery plant in operation. All the stitching was done by hand by fifteen woman stitching exquisite designs by hand. The development of machine embroidery did not take place until the
There is a huge interest in sports memorabilia, and sports-related items include signed commemorative photos, baseballs, footballs, basketballs, pucks and jerseys. A Google search of companies hawking these items comes up with almost 5 million businesses! Some of the items on offer cost thousands of dollars. Where there are so many eager and gullible customers,
Everyone has a hobby of some kind – most people have several. There are people who collect stamps; people who make scrapbooks or create graphic designs with their digital photos; people who love horseback riding, hiking or bicycling. Maybe you do something that you don’t even know is considered a “hobby”. Technically, anything that you
Worst Bet Ever: Here’s a case in point for self-control at the online poker tables if ever we heard one. In December ’05, one Carl Valentine agreed to what, on the surface, appeared a modest enough challenge, presented by a multi-millionaire buddy of his. The challenge was this: that by April 18, ’06 he, Valentine,
This article will provide you with a general understanding of some of the more basic watercolor painting techniques. Flat Wash Technique – The flat wash technique is one of the more basic and common of the various techniques. The flat wash technique is usually used when large areas of the canvas need to be covered.
If you own a fine leather jacket then you’ve probably drawn a few looks here and there because of the style. Unfortunately over time, even a great leather jacket can turn ugly on you if it isn’t properly maintained. Prevention is Your Best Option When you first bring your leather jacket home, you want to
Sewing a blanket is a demonstration saturated with significance, and making a blanket to give as a blessing goes past a contribution of warmth to one of suffering association.    There is something supernatural about being important for a training that follows back as the centuries progressed. The historical backdrop of stitching is one of
In this cool cycle cleanser, calendula goes about as a delicate chemical and is incredible for those with touchy skin, developing skin, or youthful skin.    Calendula is one of those spices whose blossoms appear to contain their own wellspring of light. In the event that you’ve ever developed it in your nursery, you’ve probably
A sky scarf is a wearable climate forecast and a record of a season, or an entire year, with a stripe sewed every day from yarn that coordinates the shade of that day’s sky.    In abnormal occasions, creating can be ground-breaking treatment. We’re welcome to back off, center around the current venture, and be
Printing with leaves, blossoms, and other discovered items permits you to make enlivening examples and show-stoppers that catch the magnificence of nature.    notecards adorned with nature prints    You can make excellent writing material, cards, wrapping paper, and other fine art by printing with leaves and other discovered articles from nature. Water-solvent printing inks
These striking loop hoops are a pleasant method to customize any look and the ideal undertaking when you’re longing for a fast and fulfilling make action.    On the off chance that you are now acquainted with sew, these studs are fast undertaking that yields astonishing outcomes — string knit over bought 2-inch loops. You
With this very easy material printing project, you can develop your very own patterns as well as make your mark on T-shirts, pillow cases, or cloth of any type of kind! a set of t-shirts as well as a container top featuring hand-printed paint layouts Image © Andrew Greto Digital photography, excerpted from Art Stimulates
Head outside to collect some twigs, after that transform them into a rustic framework for your art work with this simple youngsters’ craft task. Nature has actually been an inspiration to artists ever since individuals started making art. You can make some fantastic art making use of objects discovered right in your backyard– like twigs
For people of any age, one of the most thrilling part of woodworking is the jobs. What if you have an extremely young beginner? Beginning with String Thing! This is a very easy string art job with a huge “wow” element and also it’s an excellent way to obtain children comfy with woodworking skills such