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It’s a great way to make friends while have a conversation about your hobbies and interest. In this spoken English lesson you will learn how to ask about someone’s hobbies and how to reply when you are asked about your interests.

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Questions to ask someone about their hobbies and interest.

• What do you like doing?
• What sort of hobbies do you have?
• What do you do in your free time?

Basic replies to questions about hobbies and interest.

I like /love + noun/gerund ( ing form)

• I love football.
• I like watching football.
• I love photography.
• I like playing tennis.

I spend a lot a lot of time + gerund

• I spend a lot of time clicking pictures.
• I spend a lot of time watching TV
• I spend a lot of time surfing the internet.

I am really into + noun / gerund ( ing form)

• I am really into swimming. ( the word really emphasizes that you like doing something)
• I am quiet into singing.

I am keen on + noun / gerund ( ing form)

• I am keen on skating
• I am keen on knitting
• I am keen on reading books

I enjoy + gerund

• I enjoy playing football.
• I enjoy cooking.
• I enjoy travelling to new locations.

Replying in detail about hobbies and interest.

• Playing football keeps me fit.
• Going to watch a movie gets me out of the house
• According to me wild life photography is exciting
• Learning to cook new dishes is pretty interesting

Adjectives to talk about your hobbies and interest.

Creative – I like painting as I am very creative.
Outgoing – I am an outgoing person, so I like travelling a lot.
Active – I love playing football as it keeps me active.
Socializing – I love to socialize so I never miss any parties.

We hope this spoken English lesson has helped you learn some key English phrases when it comes to talking about your hobbies and interest. Use these phrases in your daily English speaking to improve your English speaking skills.

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